The goal of Debra’s Kitchen is to provide busy families with an opportunity to sit down and share a meal without the burden of shopping and preparation. 
I believe that it is important for everyone to take the time to “break bread” as a family.
All of the entrees and baked goods offered are made from scratch in my home based kitchen.  No preservatives are added or corners cut in producing what I like to think of as “comfort” foods.
All items are delivered directly to you and are available either frozen or ready to bake.  I would be happy to work with you to create meals and dishes that are not listed on this menu.  My goal is to provide busy families a chance to eat together.
Debra’s Kitchen is also available for catering events, luncheons and dinner parties.
Take the stress out of dining . . . 
Let my kitchen be your kitchen.

• Family Meal Alternatives
breakfast, lunch & dinner
• Catering
• Specialty Occasions
• Box Lunch Specials
• Meal-As-Gift Certificates
Comfort Cuisine made Convenient.

Debra’s Kitchen

Delivery Information:

Delivery to the Liberty, MO area is free of charge.  

Delivery fees to areas beyond Liberty, MO will start at $15.