The goal of Debra’s Kitchen is to provide busy families with an opportunity to sit down and share a meal without the burden of shopping and preparation. 
I believe that it is important for everyone to take the time to “break bread” as a family.
All of the entrees and baked goods offered are made from scratch in my home based kitchen.  No preservatives are added or corners cut in producing what I like to think of as “comfort” foods.
All items are delivered directly to you and are available either frozen or ready to bake.  I would be happy to work with you to create meals and dishes that are not listed on this menu.  My goal is to provide busy families a chance to eat together.
Debra’s Kitchen is also available for catering events, luncheons and dinner parties.
Take the stress out of dining . . . 
Let my kitchen be your kitchen.

• Family Meal Alternatives
breakfast, lunch & dinner
• Catering
• Specialty Occasions
• Box Lunch Specials
• Meal-As-Gift Certificates
Comfort Cuisine made Convenient.

Debra’s Kitchen

Delivery Information:

Delivery to the Liberty, MO area is free of charge.  

Delivery fees to areas beyond Liberty, MO will start at $15.  

Can you believe Debra’s Kitchen has been around for ten years? We can hardly believe it ourselves, but we’re thrilled to have had a decade full of good food and great people! We wouldn’t be who we are without you, so we here at Debra’s Kitchen wanted to take the time to thank you for joining us on the ride of a lifetime!

Be sure to check out the Meal Deal page to see the special 10 Years in 10 Weeks meals being offered!